economies of the imaginary

0 the violent winds and ten directions
1 but there were times i knew the way
1 the creativity of the character scrawls across the surface
10 36 scent of her spread cheeks, her gazing in
10 mountains have space all the way to the edge of the frame
104 gauging the disorderly real
11 too many troubled dreams
11 water fades out in the dryness of the silk
112 of her opened eyes (88, 21)
113 inhering, inherent, eyes of someone else
12 air and dragons, thunder god and wind god
13 i hide in those spaces, illusions made from just about anything
13 naked, slightly tumescent, nearing orgasm
13 the relative heaviness of the world
13 unknowing place or promise
14 arms reach out in directions where there's nothing else
15 when they sat upon their haunches
16 hungry ghosts without features
16 now, here's what i have to tell you!
17 71 and rendering of wounds
17 at times the skin of the flayed god
17 my cunt splayed for you, so near coming
18 filled with blurred speech
18 single perfect drop of liquid near the tip
19 78 43 and reflect reflect of her curved jewel
19 i didn't get very much praise
2 104 of engagement 41 and the agreement to pay
2 of things
20 against the background streaked with blood
21 stroking the skin from the skin, eyes from eyes
22 the grain of _this_ voice and its tenor
23 armed men and children with guns speak for me
23 moved them out of harms way
24 88 21 stroking the skin from the skin
24 my cock close to bursting, splayed, displayed
26 one always took one's chances
27 none other of words in other words but others
27 you are a beautiful woman who i madly love
29 83 screaming as the curved jewel enters us
3 as if they would devour me
3 incision-knives leaning towards scarred world-flesh
3 please don't hurt me, children with guns
3 sometimes i appeared bright and shiny
30 before there were animals and distortions of all kinds
30 of that which the glistened jewel
31 now animals howl legless and mouthless in the brush
32 whose gaunt bodies and shortened arms
33 24 his cock bursting and displayed
33 of the flayed god
33 to find ghosts and other creatures
35 fornicated and mated with surplus of progeny
36 spreading her cheeks as far as possible, gazing in
37 nothing would
38 17 71 rendering of wounds into scribes
39 my penis sore and calked with these rough hands
39 the two of them together
4 warring states use these things
40 the curved jewel
40 the curved jewel
40 would satisfy them and at times
41 eternally they supplicated
41 inside your vagina, smoothness, striations, scent
41 no ideas but in things
41 spreading of labia like flowers and tongues
41 what we're agreeing to pay 14 with arms reaching out
42 it's all about the wonder and the hunger
42 those were the days
43 dizzy in turmoil
43 labia and portals, forgetting being, the there-is
44 traces
48 whose way i had lost forever
5 characters cover jade herded towards edges and knives
5 such creatures
50 the glittered green and redding jewel
51 elaborate lucretius, formless, evaporate
51 gods flying around over the heavens
51 shall this be packed
51 watching the struggle
54 azure lying against me in furious pain
55 beyond the flayed god
56 in and in, inwards, interiors, in and in
58 shall this
59 what a surprise
6 wars among characters and states
6 what you think is properly rendered
61 40 the curved jewel
61 traces of residue, liquid wordings withdrawn from edges
62 have nothing on us
63 have nothing on us
63 wonder with open eyes
64 the road winds through the animals
64 we'll come for you, splay for you, be and pretend
65 the ghosts would scream and wrack the skies
69 animals teeter against the background streaked with blood
7 children with guns order me about
7 scrawled characters extending regardless of across worlds
71 hunger striving towards fulfillment
71 rendering of wounds
72 61 of the curved and difficult jewel
73 61 of the curved jewel
74 daggers and skulls to drink from
78 18 filled with blurred speech you begin
78 43 and reflect reflect
8 tendrils reaching out you writing this 14 arms reach out
81 screaming sometimes against writing animals and striving hunger
81 what inheres, splaying her legs, her cunt
81 writing is the phenomenon of speech
83 curved jewel entering both of us, we're screaming
837 of that disorderly real you know
84 animals howl against the words moved from the way of harm
87 edges rough, moist, tongue and children with guns
87 my heart is torn through inconceivable distances
88 21 stroking the skin from the skin, opened eyes
88 38 71 and the rendering of wounds in an economy
89 98 13 13 of that unknowing place or practice
89 animals, my heart, jennifer, the grain of the voice
9 a character has the space of a country
9 the storms and draughts
91 teetering animals, skulls, and inconceivable distance
94 please don't hurt me and please don't hurt me
98 13 nearing orgasm and abandonment, charging the scribe
98 17 my splayed cunt, coming
99 40 73 61 of the curved jewel, be, we're screaming